warmest wishes

This holiday card took on the form of the donated item. Jakdesign wanted to spread the holiday cheer and warmth, promoting others to donate “jakets” for those in need. During the holidays, so many believe, It’s better to give than to receive. So every year, we try to warm your heart With a gift that is tasteful, fun, and smart, Paired with a message that’s set in rhyme– A well-known signature of Jakdesign. So, to spread some warmth and jubilation, We’re preparing to make a big donation. We’re buying warm JAKets we don’t plan to wear To be put to good use through “New York Cares.” Any coat drive is what we’d like to promote So won’t you contribute: parka, sweater, or coat? Please go through your closets–ladies, kids, men and take our any Jakets you won’t need again. Select those gently used (or buy something new) And pack them up well. You know what to do: Join in the mission offered by JAK. Help any coat drive–it’s your chance to give back. Whether you donate a fur or a fleece We send WARMEST wishes for joy and for peace. Happy New Year From Jakdesign

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