Women For Women

March 21, 2016

This holiday season Jak chose the theme “Jak of All Trades” to pair with the selected organization Women for Women International. This organization supports women facing violence, marginalization, and poverty as a result of war and conflict by teaching them life and vocational skills. Our intent was to raise awareness and educate our clients, colleagues, and friends.

Motivated by the reciprocating relationships that are a result of the organization, our design consists of an illustration and an ambigram. We created the ambigram as it conceptually connects to the mission of the organization and represents the balance between those who donate their support and the empowered women giving back to their communities.

An ambigram is a word or symbolic representation whose elements retain meaning and legibility when viewed from a different direction, perspective, or orientation. In this case, twice rotated completes 360 degrees; characterizing a full circle and by extension the international reach of the organization.

To learn more about Women for Women International please visit their website at womenforwomen.org.